Custom fonts not working for visitors

This is my forum font when you’re logged in.


This is the fonts when you’re seeing as a visitor (it’s showing Times New Roman).



Anyone knows why the custom fonts that I uploaded aren’t loading for visitors, but fonts from Google Fonts are loading correctly?!

I’m new here you guys! Please help me!!!

Provide URLs to your site would help

If the resource or style is only available to logged in users that would cause it, but I am not sure how you’d do that.

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Here, tell me if it’s showing Times New Roman.

I have no idea how to do something like that.

Your fonts are giving me 404

Example URL:

How can I solve it?

They’re showing only for logged users.


There is a site setting prevent_anons_from_downloading_files which has a warning:

WARNING: this will prevent any non-image site assets posted as attachments from working.

Try disabling that.


It worked! Obrigadoooo :heart_eyes: