Prevent anons from downloading files setting

This setting comes with this warning:
WARNING: this will prevent any non-image site assets posted as attachments from working.

What does this mean exactly?


Also, is there a way to stop new users from being able to download attachments until they are at trust level 1?


One case I’ve come across is that the setting may prevent custom fonts that have been added to a site’s theme from loading for anonymous users. Other than that, I haven’t been able to find unexpected issues with the setting.

If possible, it would be good to improve that setting’s description. If anyone has more details about issues that it causes for anonymous users, please let me know.


One option is to use Category Settings on areas where things can be downloaded.

TL1 See/create/reply

Only downside is this category will not be visible to outside anons and users whom are less than TL1.

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But don’t we encourage people to use the Google Fonts CDN for that reason? I think we can possibly remove this warning entirely, now that we almost completely removed reliance on “post content to a hidden topic, then copy the URL”… yeah, let’s do that.