Custom Header Links

(Daniela) #21

There is another theme component for that


(Jay Pfaffman) #22

I’m starting to think that a handful of such theme components should be included by default.

First there might need to be a feature to not check updates for theme components that are not in use.


(Michael - #23

That would cause people to have an outdated component when they do start using it. It would be better to have silent automatic updates for unused theme components then.

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(Jay Pfaffman) #24

Good point, right now themes are updated manually, so my thought was that it would do a check when it was first activated.


(Neemias Freitas) #25

Hi there, @Johani!

I’ve noticed that the color of the header uses the $primary one instead of $header_primary. It makes more sense to use the latter for this theme.

I submitted a PR a while ago, but there was no activity since then. Could you take a look at it? :slight_smile:

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(Benjamin) #26

Hi I just made a fork supporting icons and pull request to add it on the master

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(El Foro Viajero) #27

nice! So it needs to be added there and then we just need to update? thanks a lot!


(Krischan) #28

Hi Joe, when I add a link to the header that leads to a restricted category, the user that is not allowed to see it gets an error message instead of a 404. Is it possible to fix this? And maybe - as requested above - it makes sense to add a new parameter to show links only for certain group members?