Custom permalink for topics?


I want to edit permalinks of topics created by me. Is there any way to do it in discourse? Sometimes there is a need of setting up a different title for the topic and different permalink (short).

I think the permalink of the topic should be customizable from admin panel.

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You can set up permalinks from admin/customize/permalinks :slight_smile:


Nope. They get redirected to the default permalink.

Oh, so you don’t just want a permanently working link to a topic, but to edit the slug – the part of the title that shows up in the main URL? That isn’t possible (without a custom plugin).


Let me to resurrect this topic.
For non-English community it’d be nice to allow editing slug links. Currently we have the option slug generation method with values: ascii, encoded, none. All of them are not ideal for topics with non-English titles: none - links are just ugly, encoded - nice looking in address bar but ugly in text, ascii - often looks strange for non-English names or even worse slugs are not created (links w/o slugs at all are created, like /t/topic/1).

It’d be very helpful to have an ability to edit the slug.
It’s needed at least for cases when Discourse failed to parse a title and to create a slug.


On every topic? this seems like work :mount_fuji:

You can create custom permalinks to the few topics you need in the admin panel today.

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On every topic?

Well, I’d expect to see currently generated link in post editor, like one in Medium. That generated link could be edited (slightly or completely).

You can create custom permalinks to the few topics you need in the admin panel today.

That permalinks are replaced onto original links as you open them.


This is going to have to be done in a plugin, to explore UI etc, happy to have hooks added into core to support this in the object model.


Wondering if there is any update on this. If it can be done on blogspot platform, then it should be very easy on discourse :wink:

Custom permanent permalinks is not something that is easy to build. Would require a bunch of internal changes.

Not on our roadmap at the moment.

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Pls, any official doc on how to use the Permalinks feature. Seems topic redirection not working.

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