Custom setlist embed component

What would you like done?

The Phish fan website has a great setlist database for the band that developers can cull from via their API. I’d like to have a component that adds a button in the composer bar, so that if a user, say types the date of a Phish show (12/31/1999) into a text box that appears when the button is clicked it would then embed the setlist and setlist notes for that show below, similarly displayed as it is on the site.’s forum has a feature very much like this, here’s what the final result looks like in a post from there.

However, I’m simply not advanced enough to develop a feature like this at this time, so I’ve decided to let someone with the experience and know-how handle it.

When do you need it done?

It’s not exactly a priority or anything, just a cool feature I’ve been thinking about for a while, let’s say three months? Might be a long time, but if someone needs that time or just wants to do this on the side, I’ve no problem with that.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?

Open to offers.

Feel free to PM me.


Do those set lists exist somewhere that’s accessible with just the date?


think so, just tried it out @ API Docs

you need an API key and to put in the show date as YYYY-MM-DD (in this case, 1999-12-31)

here’s how it functions on, and pretty much how I’d like it to on my forum.



bump. anyone interested?

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I’ll drop you a PM my morning :+1: :musical_note:


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