Custom profile fields, not show them on signup

When defining custom profile fields there is an option to have them not mandatory at signup.


Yet, they still show up in the signup screen. This is not desirable since

  • I want the signup screen to be as simple as possible
  • it gives the impression that the custom field needs to be filled in
  • it gives the impression that the content of the custom field is somehow related to elegibility of membership, therefore may induce hesitation to signup.

So from an ux point of view, is it possible to have an option to have it removed from signup, yet still available as a field to enter in the profile afterwards. (Like “location” and such)

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You have to hide them with CSS. It’s fussy because you have to target them by nth-of-type.

Something like

.create-account .user-fields .user-field {
    display: none;
        display: block;
        display: block;
        display: block;

This has come up a few times on meta, perhaps we should add a

[ ] show at signup

field here @sam?


I’ve noticed that this only applies to those creating account, rather than responding to an invite.

Any idea how to catch them as well?