Custom RSS Feeds

Hi there!

I’ve been looking for an RSS solution in Discourse for quite a while, but none of the previous discussion were satisfying. Here’s my idea:

  • a category named “podcasts”;
  • each episode is a topic;
  • replies are allowed for people who want to give feedback;

So far the works great. I upload the file in the topic (provided everything is configured under admin) and then post episodes and such. However, how can I publish the same content on iTunes or Spotify?

Based on what we have now for RSS feeds on Discourse, I could get a URL from But here’s the catch:

iTunes, Spotify and such require specific RSS tags to be included in each tag. Tags like explicit, artwork, description, etc. So, how can I include those tags using this model? How can I actually customize the RSS feed of a category?

You need a custom plugin to modify the RSS feed. If you have budget then you can post your requirements in #marketplace.