Custom Silence Durations


On the site I’m an Admin on we have a 1st Strike for breaking the rules which is a 72hr Silence of the user. I was just wondering if there is an option to make a 72hr silence a permanent option within the silence options to save moderators selecting custom then the date and time?

Thank you.

PS: Sorry, I’m not sure which cat this should go into.

To clarify, you’re asking if we can add a 3 day option to this dropdown?

Yes or if it’s possible for admins to customise the options themselves? As our first strike is a 72hr Silence it’d help the moderating team.

It is not possible for individual admins to customise, no.

I’m not too keen on adding arbitrary items to that list (other communities may have 4 or 5 days) but let’s check with @codinghorror


No problem, if it would be possible to add it’d be greatly appreciated but if not I understand. Thanks for you response regardless.