Running Reports on User Activities for Specific Time Periods

Admin can currently run report on user activity and download as CSV file… extremely useful for compiling and analyzing data. However, the current reports show data accumulated over all time. I’m wondering if there is a way to run reports for specific periods of time. For example, I want to run a report on user activities for a 3-month period like January 1, 2017 to March 31, 2017. Is this currently possible?

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As was answered in that topic

Many tables have datetime fields. By writing a query that does JOINs, sub SELECTs etc. on the tables of interest the query can use GROUP BY to get all kinds of result sets.

Because there are so many possible queries that could be run it’s not realistic to attempt having all of them as Reports. But I imagine if enough people want something that is not a stock Report there is a chance it could become one.

AFAIK, there are plans to allow better exposure of results from custom queries, but it’s still a ways into the future.

Thanks @Mittineague. I was wondering about a native way to do this. Maybe enough people ask for the same thing. For now, I will resort to the plug-in for the time being. I’m just not too familiar with the coding part writing out the queries :slight_smile:

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bumping for Interest in the same type of reporting feature on specific users for a day by day basis.

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