Custom Xenforo to Discourse Migration service needed

Hi guys

Looking for a professional with vast experience in migrating a custom Xenforo to Discourse.
The data must be completely migrated.

There is no time frame for this project at the moment.

There is no budget allocated for this project yet.

There is some sensitivity on the matter, the reason why the source will not be shared publicly. Please post your contact info if you are a professional and have proven experience in the matter and you will be contacted with more details.



I have done a Xenforo migration or two, I believe. I’ve done dozens of imports and have done many custom imports. I’ve been doing discourse consulting full time for almost 5 years, much of it imports.

Please see Migrate to Discourse Discussion Platform from your current formum software. to give me more information about the job.


At we’ve written a lot of importers and done a lot of imports. We’re professionals with Discourse experience since 2013. We’re subject to and compliant to European privacy laws. You can PM me for more info and a quote.


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