Customizable Badge Settings


I have an idea that could be added to discourse so that when someone clicks on your profile where is shows 2 or 3 of your badges, make it customizable so that you can show off all of the badges that you have received.

Could this be implemented?


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I don’t see why you would want this…

Your profile would be longer than the River Nile

Discourse shows top badges such as trust level and others mixing it up would be weird.


You would only be able to choose 2 or 3 badges that would replace the other ones. Also, if you would want to keep it how it is there would be a setting for that.

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Personally just having your most hardest earned badges shown is better because hey everyone loves a gold badge more than a bronze badge, right?



Is it me or is everyone here from the IFC?

I think I’m going nuts.