Customize/Design Category

I think this is worthy of consideration. Discussions about customizations often bleed into several other categories right now:

  • UX
    Many topics about what specific changes people want to see in the default theme start here, but some of those seem to happen because people don’t realize they could achieve the same thing by customizing them.
  • Feature
    Sometimes topics like the ones mentioned above land here instead of UX.
  • Extensibility
    Actually, I don’t usually see many of these posts start here, but it is mentioned in the category description.
  • Support
    Questions like “how can I customize X?” often are put here. That’s fine for now - it seems the most natural place given the current category structure.

However, a dedicated category would better promote the idea that customization is something that is encouraged as a core part of the product vision. I’ve added a link to this topic in the list of ideas here.