Customizing main layout

Hello, I want to add two columns (left and right) of the main-outlet, in order to use them as banners.

From what I understood already I can add new html code easily in the plugin-outlets space.
But it’s not the thing I want to do since there exists no space for this banners already.

What should be my approach?

Take a look at:

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Hm… so I would create a widget for each banner and then load it, right ?

You might find the existing html widget does all you need.

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It probably is the solution. Although, I haven’t been able to make it work yet.

Can’t understand what you mean or how would I use the existing html widget. :confused:
So, I decided to create my own widget that would create the two banners and add them on the sides.

I created a widget:

It’s loaded, and I added as a widget to the layout setting but still I am not seeing the widget’s html on the page.

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Great that you have delved in!

Always, always have your Browser console open when debugging javascript.

This is what I get:


You are missing an import statement:

import { h } from 'virtual-dom';

That then fixes it:


Note you should code it like this, though or your class name will show (like it does above):

h ("span.some-banner-class", "my text"):



Keep going! :slight_smile:


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