Adding elements to the left and right side of main-outlet in a theme

Hello, I am new to many of the developing conventions used by Discourse so I’m just looking for a bit of direction here.

I am basically trying to add an image to all four sides of the main-outlet for a theme I’m creating. It seems pretty straight-forward to access the top/bottom by referencing the below-site-header and the above-footer outlets. But it seems less clear on how I would add an image to the left and right side of main-outlet.

Any pointers? or the source code of other themes that have done something similar?

Why not just use: Custom Layouts Plugin - plugin - Discourse Meta?

Widget dev guide here: Widget Development - #2 - Layouts - Pavilion


Great, this looks similar to what I’m looking for. I will check out the source, thanks!

The plugin is indefinitely supported, so why not focus on just building the bespoke widgets, then you limit what you have to re-invent?

The whole point is that you can create a widget once, then move it around, and change its order relative to other widgets using only settings.

There’s also a compatible custom html widget that allows you to push out arbitrary html, but creating a native widget is ultimately the way to get full integration at the JavaScript level.