Customizing the Category About post

Is it possible to customize the text that is used to prepopulate the “About the ____ category” post?

I would like to modify the list of prompts in that text.

Can this be done via a plugin, or should I consider this post off limits to customization? If so, then my next question is going to be can I use a plugin to auto-generate a post when a new category is created?

You can use the Customize Text section in the Admin area

Can it be conditional? For example, if you want different text in the about post when a subcategory is created in one particular parent category.

I was able to find the category.replace_paragraph element in Text Content. That’s what I want to affect for a specific Category (or any subcategories created within that specific Category).

I don’t understand. That text is meant to be overriden with whatever you want it to say after you create the category? So why not just edit the post title/description accordingly?

Yes, this is a bit of an edge feature. We have a category called Projects in which we allow teams to create sub-categories when they start a new project. Its just there to group discussion for the small team working on the project.

We want to use that initial about post to prompt the creator of the subcategory with some guidance that is specific to starting a new project. I dont want that text showing up when other categories are created outside the Projects category.

We can just override the text with our own template every time we create a new subcategory here, but I was just looking into automating it to keep it consistent.

You would be approaching plugin territory with that, as I don’t see that being something a majority of instances would need… Or just have some general documentation that guides the teams that create sub-categories on what to enter

Maybe making it customizable on the Category settings page would be more applicable to others… and if it propagated down to subcats, but I definitely agree its a total edge feature request.

Thanks for the help!

This is something we would find extremely useful also - we also have a category which gets many sub categories added within of which we have to edit each one of the about topics

Doesn’t that need to be done anyway for the category to show in Latest?


We have a number of prefilled topics that we create everytime we create a group / category so would still appear.