Customizing the Hamburger Menu

Hi, I’m looking to customize our existing hamburger menu to be a little friendlier.

Click for a picture of our hamburger menu as-is

Thanks for showing me how to do this ^ @Benjamin_D :wink:

Goals are:

  • Remove from menu:
    • New, Topics, Unread, Top, Cakeday
  • Expand (as Categories is by default) to show all sub-entries
    • Groups
  • *display (number of) same as New and Unread and Categories do:
    • Tags
    • Users (possibly only Trust Level 1+)
    • Badges

Thanks for any tips and tricks! I have been researching this, but I see the links I’ve found are dead or possibly no longer relevant.


Here’s a couple of links that should guide you to what you’re trying to accomplish.