{{d-button}} or <DButton>? That is the question

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This saved me!

My question now (besides how did it take me 9 months to do this) is whether/when to use {{d-button}} vs <DButton>


The modern ember pattern is to use ‘angle bracket’ syntax to invoke components. So <DButton> is preferred.

We lint for this in core, but haven’t yet extended it to themes/plugins.


Oh. Hooray. That’s what I thought!

It was especially confusing since the error message compained about <DButton> but I am using {{d-button}}. I’ll go about fixing those Real Soon Now.

Aha. Thanks for the explanation.


Wait. So we gave up @actionParam in <DButton> and do this to pass stuff:

        @action={{fn this.addExtraVars this.extraVarsSmtp}}

but in <NavItem> we still stil have this to pass parameters to a route


It’s a particular case here.

<NavItem> calls <LinkTo> that requires the name of the route to link to (route) and the value to fill the dynamic segment (model, an ID here) to be separate.


Does that make sense?


It’s a fine explanation and I do understand it, but I wouldn’t say it makes sense. :slight_smile:

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It makes sense because there is no function/action involved here (and it’s not needed) in NavItem. You only want to pass parameters from component to component. You see what I mean? Sorry, I’m so bad at explaining things. :sweat_smile:


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