Daemonite Material Theme

Dear @sesemaya,

first things first: Thank you so much for conceiving and maintaining this fantastic theme.

We would like to give it a ride in favor of the Material Design Stock Theme and in order to do so, tried to install a fresh instance of Discourse (2.2.0.beta7) just yesterday. We imported your theme directly from its GitHub URL https://github.com/Daemonite/discourse-material-theme, thus using the current development head.

However, we found some layout/rendering glitches we would like to share with you:

1. Icons in category list slightly off


2. Icons inside chips slightly off

Topic list


Topic list hamburger menu


3. Checker marks for color selection slightly off inside “New Category” dialog


4. Padding between avatar icon and username too narrow on personal badge page

e.g. /badges/1/basic?username=andreas.motl

Do you have an idea what we might have done wrong or about any possible reasons why these things might happen? Maybe this also relates to https://github.com/Daemonite/discourse-material-theme/issues/3 in any way?

Thanks in advance for your help!

With kind regards,