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:discourse2: Summary Fakebook - I had a little fun with this one to showcase the flexibility of our theming system. This layout might look a bit familiar :wink:
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The theme features a navigation sidebar, as well as a sidebar that showcases some of your user profile information. If a topic has an image, the topic list shows a preview. Topic excerpts will be displayed on all topics.

Preview with topic excerpt:

In the theme settings you’ll find a few options for hiding sidebar content, or switching the sidebar sides.

I recommend using the “Categories Only” category page layout with this theme, as space in the main column very limited.


Name Description
sidebar alignment
sidebar show intro
sidebar show likes
sidebar show badges
Translation Default
sidebar.welcome :hugs: Welcome
sidebar.back back,
sidebar.welcome_subhead We’re glad you’re here!
sidebar.likes_header Share the Love
sidebar.badges_header Your Top Badges
sidebar.full_profile View your full profile

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Check documentPerform check on document:

I still have a few open todos on this one:

Better handling of images in topic list (They indiscriminately pull images from oneboxes if there’s one in the OP, and these don’t work well as previews)

Include sidebars on tag pages (I don’t have a class to differentiate filtered tag pages from the tag directory)


The name is pretty good though :))


nice work :clap: thanks.

for rtl languages, it seems it needs some slight css tweaks for the user avatar as well as comments:

the category drop-down menu, unlike tag drop-down menu, comes into the topic list:

in the topic pages, margins and paddings for post are not tuned for rtl:


Can you change colors?

I want to keep the original color discourae but with this facebook layout


I loooove it!!

Fantastic work @awesomerobot

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Fantastic theme! Great work and thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Really want to implement your theme but I’m getting a bit of an issue with the topic lists. Do you know what could be causing this? Have been combing through admin settings.

What is my error theme?

I don’t think that theme supports RTL right now.


Sorry, what is RTL
Thank you!


Your error theme same me, don’t same demo

Does this theme enable all users to easily upload videos? How would they do this?

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Right-to-left language


From your previous posts, I know you use the topic list previews plugin. The topic list previews plugin is not compatible with this theme. So you have to decide whether you want to use this theme or the topic list previews plugin. You can’t use both.


Thank joe so much!
I will decide

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Thanks! I suspected this also, but disabling the topic list previews plugin doesn’t fix the format errors. Might require a full uninstall of the plugin.

Edit: Adding confirmation, removing the topics list previews plugin does indeed fix the format issues @huynhthai824 and I were experiencing. Simply disabling the plugin did not fix it, at least for me. To uninstall plugins, can just use these instructions: How to completely uninstall / remove a plugin


Correct, disabling a plugin will remove certain UI elements to use and configure it, it doesn’t block all of the code from the plugin which is picked up during a rebuild.

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Would be amazing if this theme supported topic preview images for mobile! :smiley:

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Topic previews isn’t an official plugin. Have you considered asking in the plugin topic?

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Right yeah, to clarify, I meant that this theme (without plugins) has topic previews for web, but not for mobile. Mobile support would be great.