Dark/Light Mode Toggle

I think I have a fix for this now in FIX: Case when user has disabled auto-switching by pmusaraj · Pull Request #24 · discourse/discourse-color-scheme-toggle · GitHub, can you give that a try @jordan-vidrine.

To be clear, the PR addresses this use case:

When the user has disabled auto-switching, the component will now make a request for the site’s default dark color scheme. If there is one, it will load it, and then it will be able to toggle it.


For weeks the dashboard notifies me that this component is not up to date . But there is no update. Where is the bug…

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It is telling you this specific component is out of date? Can you share a screenshot?

Screenshot from 2023-07-07 18-29-43
Screenshot from 2023-07-07 18-29-57

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Would you mind trying in a different browser? I wonder if this could be cache/history related.

this survives both the emptying of caches and the switching of browsers, it has also persisted for the last couple of weeks now, I am only now at the point of being annoyed enough to report it :wink:

This is going to sound like a very “IT” response lol, but would you mind trying to uninstall it, and reinstall it?


It is a valid response LOL :slight_smile:
So disabling and enabling didn’t do the trick but deleting and reinstalling it seemed to have eliminated this update nag. I will keep an eye out and report back should it return. Thanks for indulging me :slight_smile:


the issue hasn’t resurfaced :slight_smile:


Is this working currently? I installed it but it’s not showing up on the bottom or on the nav bar even though that option is enabled. Thanks.

Did you enable it on the theme you are using?

Also, are you seeing any errors in the console?


Can you make the design of the toggle like this?

As the the moon and sun icon is confusing for the users if it’s written clearly light/dark it would be more user-friendly.

I think it will be good for people who use header icons.

or maybe can give the option for this design to choose so people can choose whichever they like. :slight_smile:


Can anyone tell me how I can make this icon position first if I am using the icon header component?


thank’s for your component but don’t work for me

My configuration:

Color palette:

User profile interace:

When i toggle nothing append…

have you also done this?


The problem is the integration search header integration if activated the toggle donc work if is added on header but if is on hanburger no problem

Hi, can I make the dark mode the default color? Because, whenever I log in it will switch back to light mode.

Check out what settings you have on preferences > interface because this does that behaviour:


Hi, thank you. :slight_smile:

It would be awesome to have support for the sun and moon emojis and custom image support.