Dark theme for admin?

It seems dark theme is terrible for admin page. Like this:

Or this:

Is there any way to fix this?

I wish I could be more specific, but I don’t quite remember - when I first put up a dark theme on my forum, my admin page had the same visibility issue, but it fixed itself after some time. It was either a hard refresh, upgrade, or container rebuild, but in any case it worked fine afterwards.

Sorry for the vagueness!

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My discourse version is greater than V1.4.0.beta9. So I guess the version is fine. Have you done some change in CSS/HTML in cumstomization?

Plenty, but nothing aimed specifically at this issue. This is from when I originally set up the forum, and I mean that it literally resolved itself, like some part of the color customization was lagging behind the rest and it updated after X time or X event (e.g. upgrade, rebuild).

This was recently dealt with. See here: Coming soon to Meta 🌑 DARKNESS 🌑

Try updating your discourse (mine is 1.4.0.beta10), and if it’s still ugly, try disabling your custom css.

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It works! Thank you for help. Wait for stable release now.