Data explorer query - new topics for user by tag/category

I’m trying to build a “recommendation engine” for my users via the Discourse API that lists all topics a specific user hasn’t read yet by tag/category. I browsed through the various existing queries, but I have no clue where to start. Can you please help? Thanks!


@simon Could you please add the tag here?

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Have you checked the table post_timings?

Something like this will list the topics in a category that a user has never entered or read any post. It is not exactly what you want but a starting point.

-- [params]
-- user_id :user
-- category_id :category

SELECT, t.title
  topics AS t
    category_id = :category
AND user_id != :user
AND last_post_user_id != :user
AND deleted_at IS NULL
AND NOT EXISTS(SELECT 1 FROM post_timings AS p WHERE p.topic_id = AND p.user_id = :user)

Note that in your “recommendation engine” you will probably have to check if the user can see the topic before recommending it.