Read history for a particular category

Is there a way to write this specific query:

  • For topics in category (category id: 34) viewed by user(s) not in group (executive_board)
    • Display user, display topic, display when viewed.

Funny enough this auto bumped. And it is again relevant enough that I’d love if someone had an answer

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Yes, it appears you have waited a while for this one. :slight_smile:

I think maybe something like this could do it? (You’d need to find the group_id for your executive_board and swop it for the group_id = 3)

SELECT tu.user_id,
       tu.last_visited_at AS read
FROM topics t
LEFT OUTER JOIN topic_users tu ON = tu.topic_id 
WHERE tu.user_id NOT IN (SELECT user_id 
    FROM group_users
    WHERE group_id = 3)
AND t.category_id = 34
AND tu.last_visited_at IS NOT NULL
ORDER BY tu.last_visited_at DESC
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