Data explorer query to alert moderators when phone numbers are posted in private messages

What would you like done?

Hey guys

Since we run our forum on an anonymous basis, we would like to protect our members’ privacy.

For such we would like to implement a data explorer query that warns moderators whenever a private message is send containing a phone number.

There was a great template from @SidV for a data explorer query here:

When do you need it done?

August 15

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?

50 USD

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What do you think a phone number looks like?

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Basically this:

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So this?

 (0xx) xxxx-xxxx
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Basically any longer number (more than 9 digits) that starts with +49 or 0…
Any special characters in between the digits should be ignored

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To solve your problem I need an exact answer to what you think a phone number is, not “basically”. Solving it “basically” is a $500-$5000 problem.

So anything that starts with “+49” and then has 10 or more digits, and ~!@#$%^&*() can be interspersed in those 10 or more digits, but not counted?


Pretty sure this can already be done with Admin, Logs, Watched Words in regex mode. You will need to be very very careful in how you construct that regex.


That was going to be part of my solution, though as you suggest, just how to define what is a phone number is far from a simple task.


Thx for the input.
We will try it this way

Topic can be closed


Here is one example REGEX for matching phone numbers:


Here is another one:


Modify as you wish… You can test with an online REGEX tester, there are many.



Wow, I appreciate it, thx!
We will test it

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Welcome! @jrgong

Here is a sample online REGEX tester for one of those examples:

You can use that site, or a similar one, to test the number formats you are interested in.



Just one quick question: How can I set up the regex to ignore numbers with 8 digits or less?

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