Data Migration from old Jive Forum (Version 5.0.4)

Hi guys,

has someone experience in migrating posts/user from an existing installation of Jive 5.0.4?

There ist an Converter Tool available on, but I would like to know if that converter is able to convert such an old Version of Jive (5.0.4) which is from 2011 I think.

This converter was written by @techAPJ.

Maybe someone can help me.

Thank you.


@techAPJ @MikhailVink Could you shed some light on what version of Jive that script was written for?

As far as I know the newer/cloud version of Jive doesn’t even provide a proper data export, so I wouldn’t be too surprised if this script was in fact made for a fairly old version.

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Not sure about Jive version because what I received from customer was several CSV files as data dump.

@alibaba99 You should look at this excellent Jive migration documentation by @MikhailVink:


We’ve been migrating from version 2.5.16 which was released around 2009. Discourse-related part of the forums migration has been written based on @techAPJ’s version (my tutorial about our version has been already mentioned: Migrating from Jive Clearspace to Discourse), and it was also based on getting information from CSVs, but we had to provide support for attachments and some other features in additional to the original version.

The export from Jive (or Jive Clearspace as it was called around version 2.5) has been done via custom PHP scripts and relied on the REST API provided by Jive in a standard distribution:, from what I see, they maintain their APIs in a good shape (they are enterprise solution after all which requires a lot of integrations), and there is an API for their current cloud version: Jive REST API v3.14, but version 5.0.4 has been most probably using the previous version of this API and it’s documented here: OpenClient REST API.

So I’d recommend you to develop an export via API which would export CSV files similar to those described, and then import all the content to Discourse.


Thanks for all the useful information.

We will try that out!