DiscourseTransfer Simple Java tool for Import

First thanks to everyone has helped me migrate my old forum to Discourse.

As part of this I wrote my own Java import tool for importing .csv files into a new Discourse installation.

And I have now open sourced it, expect this is of most use to other Java developers moving relatively small forums to Discourse from another forum. In my case i was importing from JForum but the tool is not JForum specific it just works from .csv files.

Code can be freely modified as required


It was used to import data to this forum - https://community.jthink.net


Thank you for making your source code available for study and modification. Your work was instrumental in my own data migration, which involved an ancient Perl forum with 17,000 posts in 1,400 flat files. By modifying your baseline with just a couple days worth of new code, I was able to import everything successfully in about 3 hours!