Deactivate image download

how can i deactivate the image download option.
i don´t want visitors to be able to download fullsize images/pictures from the forum. would be great if there is an option for the article editor to choose if other users or visitors should be able to download his fullsize uploads…

tnx, eric

You can enable the “prevent anons from downloading files” setting which will prevent visitors from downloading any images (at all).


hi jens,
thanks for reply, i am already using this function, maybe there is some room for improvement, because if i click on images, they open in bigger size and show the “download” link on the bottom of the image, if i click on that download-link, an url with no content opens.

maybe someone can remove the download link if the “prevent anons from downloading files” option is activated…?

Yes this is a good suggestion can you take that @zogstrip.

Wait, what? If they can view the image, they can save it…


Right but we could suppress the obvious download button.

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Thanks @eha for suggesting that change. It’s now in :leopard:

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