Prevent downloading of posted images

(Ross Chevalier) #1

Is there a means that allows members to upload images in posts, but to prevent those images from being downloaded by other members?

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(Jay Pfaffman) #2

What’s the use case?

Could they make the posts PMs?

(Ross Chevalier) #3

We are a camera club and take intellectual property seriously. We invite our members to share images, either simply for pleasure or for coaching. We would prefer that even though the site is private and the only way to join is by invitation, to prevent members from right clicking on an image in a post and downloading it to their computers.

Because we want all members to see the postings, PMs don’t fit the requirements.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

What’s to stop anyone from pressing the screenshot button on their device to copy the photos?

That said, although it is a bit of protection theater more than real protection, I am not opposed to a theme component here which disables the right click action on images cc @Johani

(Ross Chevalier) #5

Hey Jeff, excellent point. The difference between a downloaded image and a screenshot is going to be related to size and resolution. Our members will be posting larger images at higher resolution with the EXIF data intact. A screenshot will surely grab the image, but only at web screen resolution which is never going to make a decent print. Downloading the member’s image could provide a print ready image and even though I trust our members (it’s in our terms and conditions about using the work of others), some of my early adopter group are asking the question. Cheers!

(Jeff Atwood) #6

If the user is tech-savvy, there is literally no way to stop them from downloading the image via their browser controls, to be clear. So you’d only be “stopping” people who were casual computer users.

(Jay Pfaffman) #7

If someone can see the image in their web browser there is nothing that can stop them from saving the image locally.

Photographers need to know that. If they want to protect their images, they should do it with watermarks. If you really want to protect them you could have a plugin developed that would watermark all images with the forum name and maybe the username too.

(Stephen) #8

Unless the photographers transfer the rights to the forum they need to take responsibility to watermark their images prior to uploading. Otherwise when said watermarking is defeated it’s easy to shift blame onto the site owners.

(Kris) #9

This was discussed a bit here before, the code in this post will block right click on images so you can’t save them.

This, and other methods, can be circumvented with a little effort.

A watermarking plugin would certainly be interesting! Should be fairly easy to do with imagemagick?

(Luke S) #10

And why would you let them do that if no one is supposed to see that data? Either put in place a file-size limit that forces the user to web-optimize before uploading, or have a background task run through uploads, and process them to web specs. Keep only the webified files.

If you don’t want anyone to save the full-size file, you don’t want the overhead of having it loaded for everyone who views the forum thread either.

(Ross Chevalier) #11

Thank you all for the input. Discourse is working as needed for our club. If there is no native method to prevent users from downloading images that other users post I will update our terms of use policy.

This topic can now be closed.

(Jeff Atwood) #12

OK – you can use the customization that Kris linked, above, if you want to prevent the right click kind of downloading from casual users.