Deactivating badge and trust level notifications

I do not know how those bad features are named, therefore I was not able to search if there is already any information about it in another threat or FAQ.

In a forum based on discourse there is multiple crap, a bulk of unproductive distracting system messages about jubilees or that I have reached a new level and other idiotic boring shit. For me this is therefore the by far worst forum software I’ve ever seen in decades.

  • Does a user have options to deactivate this message crap?

  • Can the admin give users the possibility to deactivate this message crap for his single user account?

  • Has the admin the option to deactivate this crap complete?

Yes, you can deactivate pretty much all of the crap.

discourse narrative bot enabled

Enable Discourse Narrative Bot (discobot)

enable badges

Enable the badge system

default other skip new user tips

Skip new user onboarding tips and badges.

educate until posts

When the user starts typing their first (n) new posts, show the pop-up new user education panel in the composer.

disable avatar education message

Disable education message for changing avatar.

send tl1 welcome message

Send new trust level 1 users a welcome message.

send tl2 promotion message

Send new trust level 2 users a message about promotion.


Just to expand on Jonathan’s post

This is a setting an admin can adjust

Same as above.

This is a setting. However, a user can change this by visiting their account preferences → interface

Both settings an admin can change

Admin setting

So all in all you are probably going to have to ask your site admin to disable a few things.

There was an option to skip most of that stuff that you dismissed on your first login.

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And now it’s gone?

No, it still exists.

Are you an administrator or are you just a regular end user?

I believe it’s the same user option as mentioned above.

Preferences – Interface – Skip new user onboarding tips and badges

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