Deals type website UX

Do you think Discourse with the voting plugin could be used to power a deals type website? (like slickdeals in the USA)

The functionality seems very similar. Except perhaps: -

  • voting is more easy to access in those websites (as basically they rely on the community to rank the value for money of deals)
  • user submitted product images form part of the layout. I’m not seen this done on a Discourse site.

Typically on Discourse the user’s profile avatar is prominent on the left at the start of each post.
Whereas I’d want a product shot in this space (supplied by either a user in the post or by a moderator).

Is this possible with Discourse?

It’s definitely possible, but you’d need some custom plugins if you want a product image/description in the topic list view.

In addition to the voting plugin, Topic List Previews might be an existing plugin that can get the layout close to where you’d want it.


Thanks , that plug-in looks very useful.