Paid: Plugin 9gag clone for Discourse

(Passante) #1

We are looking for a coder to develop a plugin for Discourse to have the following specs:

  1. Ability to vote a post Up and Down
  2. Sort post based on votes
  3. Sort post based on date
  4. Sort post based on category
  5. Changes in the main layout is needed
  6. Ability comment the post/meme (is ok to fork the discussion to permits commenting)
  7. Have some modification to the header/menu
  8. Ability to share a single post including content preview

Basically we need a set of functionalities to make a

clone using Discourse.
The modification should be coded as a plugin to install side by side the Discourse installation.
We think this modification would interest a lot of communities. Please send me a PM with the quote.
We will crowd-found the sum if needed.
We are open to discuss the feature and maybe reduce the scope if too complex.

(Kane York) #2

three things

  1. that doesn’t make sense why would you do that
  2. why would you want to do that
  3. no

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Why use Discourse for this? It pretty much goes against the core of every single point of Discourse…

(Passante) #4
  1. I’m sorry to hear that doesn’t make sense FOR YOU.
  2. :open_mouth: this is a core feature of a 9gag stile app… If you don’t get why with is important …
  3. Is there a way to make a fresh section without order posts by date? :unamused:

@ark to me it seems no too complex to bend Discourse for this. (i.e. until 4 point is a matter of query.
For me is better to integrate in an opensource project like Discourse instead of buying a crappy site and investing in a sso login solution.
Should we do our self like a completely separate product? We didn’t want to invest time on things already made by Discourse (i.e. login flow, onebox, etc…), but if no one is interested…

(Zack) #5

If you want an actual answer, vanilla has a few of those voting features built in if I remember correctly.


I used to use Vanilla, I’m pretty sure the buzzfeed-esque LIKE/COOL/emote-faces is strictly in Vanilla cloud. Never saw it on the opensource version.

  • Why do you want a onebox in a 9gag site? What are you going to onebox?
  • This sounds like a hard/terrible idea to implement in the discourse’s own frontend, but it seems somewhat doable if you use discourse only as a backend (each topic is a 9gag, each reply to the topic is a post) and write your own frontend

I’ve built sites like this, and it’s really kind of overkill to be using discourse for something that will basically be image posts, actions, and meme-spam comments. I mean, wordpress is sufficient for your needs at this point - you don’t really need oneboxing, you don’t need ember/handlebars/APIs… the amount of work you’d need to rewrite the entire discourse frontend could be better put toward making more dank memes and melting steel beams.

(Mittineague) #7
Ability to vote a post Up and Down

See Likes :heart:

Sort post based on votes
Sort post based on date
Sort post based on category

Posts are chronological, not sortable

Changes in the main layout is needed 


Ability comment the post/meme (is ok to fork the discussion to permits commenting)

Errm replies are comments no?

Have some modification to the header/menu

same as “changes”

Ability to share a single post including content preview

there is a “share” feature


Presumably sort by upvotes - think sorting posts by likes per topic, except you can also downvote probably, so some posts can end up negative

(Mittineague) #9

Thanks, I was thinking in the context of forum posts in a topic. Shuffling replies around would get me confused even more than I am already very quickly


I think a good way to think of it would be HN/Reddit-esque threads where each thread/parent/child has upvotes and downvotes and a point value, rather than just a line of replies.

(Mittineague) #11

I guess in a way Discourse already does something like this for the “Top” pages.

I guess it would be possible to auto-close a topic (limiting it to the single OP) and have Likes push it up on the Top page.

Still, it seems like that would be a gross misapplication of a forum app in the extreme

GIF animations cannot be pasted in

This is pretty much what everyone is repeatedly saying, 9gag is basically threaded comments on rage comics and memes with an upvote and downvote button, if you wanted to make a clone of it, if anything wordpress might be more appropriate

Also, discourse’s default post reply limits might be an issue since most posts probably look like this:

(Passante) #13

if post are sorted by vote foe example, the one with most votes will be upper than the others, which means what only best votes posts will be seen.
this is a feature also implemented for q&a stile apps so useful to bend Discourse for different usages.

I said onebox meaning ability to embed off kind of contents.
I never tried to modify the Discourse layout, basically ninegag is a simple ordered list of gif, Discourse can do that flowlessly but if you think a layout modification like this would be overkill, My next question is why discourse frontend is complex?
Let me clarify. I wanted to give back a feature to Discourse. I’m not a fan of memes and stuff, but i see new generation are sadly attracted to that.

(Passante) #14

Yes, that’s another point I need to clarify. My users don’t share stuff because they are fear that the image and summary of the shared content, will not have anything to do with the post shared effectively.
Maybe now is resolved, or is a misconfiguration for our side. I will look deeper in to that and maybe I will file a bug.

(Mittineague) #15

AFAIK it shares the post not “the image”

(Passante) #16

Than my request n. 8 make sense.


This might be a bit blunt but you should understand why people are upset about this, as you’re requesting:

  • anonymously hate on people (downvotes, with no explanation)
  • sorting based on circlejerk/bandwagoning points
  • the core of your application is effectively remixing stolen content for ad revenue
  • little to no content in first posts or replies
  • no textual content

this is effectively everything discourse was created to not do - it is meant to encourage useful discourse and discussion, not reply to people with a gif of a girl getting slapped with raw hot dogs regarding a topic about dank memes melting steel beams

sharing is also probably meant to share the post: images are just there to clarify the post’s content, the image is not the core of the post

on top of that, 9gag does not really have a forum structure, it is closer to what i’d think of as a blog with image posts and threaded comments

(Mittineague) #18

That said, if the SSO and onebox features of Discourse are of primary interest, could they not be used elsewhere?

(Passante) #19

@ark i deeply understand what you mean, and that why I like Discourse project philosophy.
But sorry, I’m not asking to change the Discourse philosophy here, I try to bend a system and not to reinvent the wheel.

I read the whole debate on it and I’m still not convinced. Having a like without an explanation is the same and downvoting. Fb is full of people giving likes to nonsense stuff.

Of course not, I want to save my community from vanishing because of fb or 9gag.
I even think that 9gag stile app or youtube are kings in generating user content.
None of the two have a commenting section that deserve the title.

(Mittineague) #20

The closest I can see Discourse being like that is if instead of “posts” you had topics where the OP was the “post”

This would allow comments and Liking, and the more active / Liked ones would percolate to the Top