Decoding "upload://" identifier to url

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we tried our best to search the forum for any pointers regarding our question but haven’t been able to find the right answer. Sorry to bother you with something which feels like an absolute beginners question.

At How to clone, install and run the "audiohealth" program - #52 by Flat - Fehleranalyse / Troubleshooting - Hiveeyes, one of our members uploaded a .wav file, where Discourse is displaying an embedded audio player (most probably HTML5?), the playback works sweet.

However, I am having problems finding out about the full URL where I would be able to download this file from. Usually, on images it is easy to open the image in a new browser tab in order to get hold of the image URL. However, while trying to apply my browser’s developer tools to sniff for network traffic and some other educated guessing methods to derive the real URL from the post in question, I am still failing.

Most probably, my guesswork was not educated at all and I believe the answer will be so easy and obvious that I will be sinking to the ground in shame. Does my situation resonate with anyone who still could help me out?

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P.S.: The content of the post referenced above is


It is an upload artefact containing humming of bees on

Ha, at the same time I posted this, it occurred to me that I could try a right-click on the widget and… OMG!

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Hard to find indeed, but here you go.


Thanks a stack! For the records, I am exercising it on behalf of my example artefact.

pip install pybase62
>>> import base62
>>> input = "gMd7ipqm8LhRdgpk1Qjg273QDO7"
>>> hex(base62.decode(input, base62.CHARSET_INVERTED))[2:].zfill(40)

Then, after adding the appropriate prefix, one can indeed derive the full URL.

Thanks again, @RGJ and @michaeld!

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