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A Hello, I uploaded an mp3 after setting permissions for mp3 files, I put the link http://mysite/uploads/default/original/1X/abc123.mp3 but it didn’t onebox or turn into the player. I’ve tried and other html to get it to work. How can I get it to show up with a player?

Should work

That is

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I did just as you said, http://abc123.mp3 and it displays just a link still. Do I have to do some settings for it to show up? There are no errors, and it is a relatively new install.

Also, sometimes when I do the same for non mp3, like png, it shows broken link, at other times it works though. The mp3 link however never shows up as a player. :thinking:

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Try inserting the mp3 link on its own separate line like this

(instead of on a line with other text, like this

It is on its own line, there is nothing else typed in but the link on the post.

i’ve had this happen consistently as well… adding direct links to .mp3 or .mp4 video files shows a blank or the player but no ability to play.

i’ve had spotty results with dropbox links as well.

Did anything work to solve that?

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nope. nothing. users have struggled enough to ping me privately and ask if i could upload files to my own dropbox because they think that it’s admin-only rights.


What kind of server setup are you on? I run discourse on a fully updated ubuntu machine on Amazon Web Services EC2.