Native audio player

A Hello, I uploaded an mp3 after setting permissions for mp3 files, I put the link http://mysite/uploads/default/original/1X/abc123.mp3 but it didn’t onebox or turn into the player. I’ve tried

Should work

That is


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I did just as you said and it displays just a link still. Do I have to do some settings for it to show up? There are no errors, and it is a relativelvy new install.

Also, sometimes when I do the same for non mp3, like png, it shows broken link, at other times it works though. The mp3 link however never shows up as a player. :thinking:

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Try inserting the mp3 link on its own separate line like this

(instead of on a line with other text, like this

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It is on its own line, there is nothing else typed in but the link on the post.

where do you get that mp3 link? (where for u to store that mp3 file?) I tried GoogleDrive
but not working. Thank you for clarification.

It needs to be directly downloadable from the external site, not a redirect or login gate.

Or you can upload the mp3 directly, I’ve updated the example in the earlier posts to show a direct mp3 upload.