Decouple theme color from header background colour

I think it would be beneficial if the value for them-color is a separate setting from header_background.

At the moment its set like this:

<meta name="theme-color" content="#<%= ColorScheme.hex_for_name('header_background') %>"

I tried overwriting it as a customization however setting it twice doesn’t change anything, when on a Nexus 5 using Google Chrome it just uses the first <meta> tag it sees and doesn’t take into account the secondary one.

For example, I’d like to set the theme-color to red but keep the background of the header as white still since red matches my favicon.

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This is Android only (and possibly Chrome only, does it even work on Android Firefox?) so not really a priority.

No, I’ve just confirmed that FF doesn’t care about the tag on Android. And I agree, its low priority.

Now Safari is supporting it on both iOS and macOS.