DeepL integration for Translator plugin

What would you like done?

I need additional integration of DeepL for Discourse Translator plugin. It should perform just the same way it does with Google Translate API.

When do you need it done?

It can wait, but when specialist is defined, I believe one week would be enough to complete API integration. To be discussed.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?

Up to $150. Open to your offers though.


We (my association) can back also for it, up to $100


I think I can take this one with the added budget. It’s not clear (to me, anyway) if the free and Pro API are the same. I’ll send a pm with my email.


I hadn’t quite realized what I was taking on here.

At the current budget, I can offer a working fork that supports Deepl, but not code that is good enough for a PR to be included in the existing plugin. And Deepl looks a little dicey to me–like

  • it’s really hard to sign up–signing up for one kind of account won’t let you get an API key and there’s no way to change
  • the API call that returns the supported languages doesn’t return valid JSON (but all the other calls do?)
  • there are separate endpoints for the “free” (which I’m not convinced is free?) vs “pro” accounts

EDIT: but I see a bunch of people want this, so maybe Deepl is really great. :wink:

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@pfaffman it might be better to fix the support Yandex

it is the cheapest and translates text very well

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I’ve not paid careful attention to all of this. I don’t know what’s involved in fixing the yandex support, but if someone can give me a hint and has money, I can look into it.

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Why the cheapest? How much does Google translator cost?

Hi I could pitch in 50 bucks without it having a proper business case (small time non profit community). Can offer end-user testing and liaising with Deepl folks whom I reached out to earlier to argue for the free tier.

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You can check out this fork: GitHub - literatecomputing/discourse-translator

I think that it works with some caveats (which I don’t remember), but it’ll take me a few hours to get specs in place for a proper PR. I found it difficult to set up an account and to find the documentation (if you’re logged in, you can see the endpoint of only the tier that you’re currently signed up for, and I had to change my account status before I learned that I could have logged out to see the documentation).

I’d need 10X your budget to look at this again.


Thanks, will fire up a dev environment when I find the time (winter is coming so hacking is back on the agenda) and give it a go. Adding this as a plugin, sign up with free tier and config via the UI right? Thanks for even bothering. I can totally imagine you need some funding to look at this. It is hard rallying for it I see. Perhaps it is not meant to be.

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Yes. I’m 99% sure that you can install it on a production site, enter your key(s?) and it’ll work.

It was interesting getting as far as I did, but I got frustrated on the specs and got back to some other things. :wink:

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Can you share that feedback if you recall? More than happy to share with the Deepl folks. That should help in improving their product.

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By “specs” I mean the Ruby/Rails tests that are needed for a PR; that’s not DeepL’s fault–it’s my being bad at writing specs (or, really, understanding the underlying pieces). (FWIW, I shared my other frustrations with DeepL in a ticket. I seemed unsuccessful at convincing them that my frustrations were something that they needed to care about.)

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First you wrote you can do it for 150, and now you want 500 more?

That was when “do it” meant “Make the plugin use DeepL”. I made it do that.

I never promised to “Produce code and specs that are suitable for a PR”

If anyone has given me money and they think they didn’t get what they wanted, I will gladly give it back.


And where is it?

But, I don’t need it anymore tbh.

That explains why you couldn’t find it, I guess.

No, it’s because I don’t follow all github repos and there wasn’t any hint that you did it except your answer 20h ago.

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21 days ago:


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