DeepL support for Discourse Translator

Hi all,

Thanks to great work by @pfaffman I have been able to enable DeepL on my site. Jay made a fork that works but probably needs more work to clean up and make more robust. Realizing my mileage may vary and guarantees it will survive future updates I decided to to give it a go and see how people like it. The free plan only goes up to 500k characters a month but I have yet few visitors from abroad and if translations are saved the coverage of most relevant posts should build up over time.

Here’s the link to the fork by Jay: GitHub - literatecomputing/discourse-translator

Some info By DeepL on their respective performance compared to others (for what it is worth given the source): DeepL — Translation quality Details on the plans are there too.

If this turns out too expensive I’ll see if I can give the LibreTranslate service a go. That one got added recently apparently? I’ll also advice the translator plugin maintainer I got this working now.