DeepL support for Discourse Translator

To be clear:
Not every forum software is free, for example vBulletin.
If Discourse wouldn’t be free I would pay for it.
Before Discourse I used other forum software and there I paid for several themes and plugins.

There quite a few plugins that have had multiple contributors or even just one.

Discourse Docs plugins for example was sponsored by Western Digital iirc.

In Opensource there is a lot of sponsored development either direct or by donations.


You’re right, but I don’t pay for it if we are only two people.
There are a few others who asked for it before me.

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Hemce why I mentioned idea of KS a plugin. More ppl whom contribute makes it cheaper for all whom have the interest.

As you said you program you know it can be a lot of work to develop. For example if a dev needed $500 and 10 ppl joined together it is only $50ea. More contributors the lower cost by a joint co venture.

Just need to see if others are willing able to help with funding.


Then let’s wait for others who will join the funding for this plugin. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Perhaps DeepL themselves might be interested in providing integration support. We could ask them.

Hi I have had originally contact with them which yielded this free tier. I did ask then but they mentioned they could support/clarify/be in touch but not put in development effort.

I can contribute testing and try again with the DeepL folks. Would be willing to pay 50 bucks tops out of my own pocket. I run a super small community that is not for profit.


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Hi all,

Thanks to great work by @pfaffman I have been able to enable DeepL on my site. Jay made a fork that works but probably needs more work to clean up and make more robust. Realizing my mileage may vary and guarantees it will survive future updates I decided to to give it a go and see how people like it. The free plan only goes up to 500k characters a month but I have yet few visitors from abroad and if translations are saved the coverage of most relevant posts should build up over time.

Here’s the link to the fork by Jay: GitHub - literatecomputing/discourse-translator

Some info By DeepL on their respective performance compared to others (for what it is worth given the source): DeepL — Translation quality Details on the plans are there too.

If this turns out too expensive I’ll see if I can give the LibreTranslate service a go. That one got added recently apparently? I’ll also advice the translator plugin maintainer I got this working now.



Hi it works but I hit the 500k limit in no time. I am dead sure however this is because of the language detection kicking in on a lot of old but still relevant content as indicated as a caveated by @tgxworld.

Now I was wondering. If I switch to say the libre translation service, get all the language detection sorted that way and then would switch back? Would that work? Does the language attribute of a post get retained after switching a service provider?

The quality of deepl is great, and the limit should work in BAU mode. Just need to cross that language detection river somehow.

Other options would be pay for the paid plan for a little while, but would do need to do a character count of the whole site. Depending on that count being patient for a couple of months might also work provided it picks up where it left off when it hit the api limit.

I will investigate and report back.