Default category not being assigned

Using wp-discourse, we have a default category assigned in the settings, so that new posts go into our public section on Discourse.

Recently I’ve noticed that I’m not getting notified of some of our new posts via Discourse. This prompted me to check my notification settings in Discourse for the public category. Long story short, the problem isn’t my notifications. The problem is that the posts aren’t getting assigned a category at all.

I believe this maybe only happens on WP posts created via a plugin that lets us duplicate posts.

Any idea why that would be the case or any chance of fixing it?

It’s particularly disconcerting because we have the Discourse setting “allow uncategorized topics” turned off. Yet there are a bunch of uncategorized topics that I’m now going through and manually categorizing.

Can you give some details about how you are using the Duplicate Post plugin? When you duplicate a post, are you then clicking the button in the WP Discourse sidebar to publish the post to Discourse?

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Aha. Good question. I believe these are all exclusively scheduled posts, as well, which means maybe that is the cause, rather than the fact that they are created by duplication. Anything else I can tell you that would be of help?

I should also say that we are running stable Discourse, not latest. Everything on the WP side is up to date.

To debug the issue, I would need to have a better understanding of what happens when you create a duplicate post and how your duplicate posts are being scheduled for publishing. When you create a duplicate post, are you on the post edit screen? Which editor are you using, the Block editor or the Classic editor?

There are several places where the “duplicate post” button exists, so I’m not sure which screen it’s being clicked on. But after the duplicate post is created, then the new post would definitely be edited, and scheduled for publication at a future date. We use the classic editor.

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Hey, this is kinda cool: I bet the duplication plugin is copying your Discourse fields into the new posts. I was browsing their docs, and noticed

You ought to show the custom fields and see what happens when you duplicate. If that is the case, you’ll be able to configure the plugin to skip the Discourse fields (which need to be fired off on their own). :thinking:

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I think I have this fixed using your solution.

Currently I’m excluding the following fields:


This means that the following Discourse fields are copied: publish_post_category, publish_to_discourse

I found that necessary to get the correct default category assigned as well as to get it to publish to Discourse. It seems those defaults don’t get set correctly in the process of duplication/editing of the post. So if we copy them over but none of the rest of the Discourse data, I think everything works correctly.