Default category tag/name not showing on category view

Hi, please take a look at this picture:

This is the category view of our Discourse install.
As you can see, we have a general/default category called “Chachara Basica”, and then other several categories.

On the right panel, where the last threads appear, the category tag appears below the topic, but only for categories other than the default.

How can we make the default category (“Chachara Basica”) tag to appear below each topic from that category?


You’ve renamed the ‘Uncategorized’ category - it isn’t shown on posts.

If you want the category name to appear you’re going to need to create a category, move all of the current uncategorized posts there, and then disable uncategorized posts under /admin.



How can I fix this?
Can I rename the actual category to ‘Uncategorized’ again,
Then create a new category called “Chachara Basica”
Then move all the posts to the the new category
Then hide the Uncategorized category?

I believe i’ve already tried that, and I recall it falling when trying to create a new category with the same old name (it says the name is in use, even after renaming the original one)

OK, got it. What if I want to use the same exact name as it is now?

Yes, you can’t name something Chachara Basica while the name is already in use.

You absolutely can rename it back to Uncategorized, then create a new category with the old name.

You don’t need to hide uncategorized, there’s a setting in /admin which disables it called allow uncategorized topics. You should only disable it after all of the posts have been moved out though.

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HUGE THANKS, Stephen. It worked like a charm, mate!

Just one small (or big, don’t know) question: is there a way to re-order categories? Because we would like to have “Chachara Basica” (translated as “basic chit-chat”) at the very top of the categories list (and now it’s at the bottom)

Are you using fixed category positions? If so the option to reorder is top-right on /categories

If not then you can reorder them by enabling that setting.

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Except I’m not a customer. :smiley:

Just WOW, dude.

Many many thanks!

(PS: Now that I got you here, and since you’re a tester i got kind-of-personal question: We’ve developed a bot that performs several actions (returning requested themed pictures, give random numbers, post automatically to twitter, etc… If we ever want to, will it be possible to share it with the community (or is there any rule against that?) and if it’s possible, where should we be sharing it?)

I’m sure people would love to hear about it. How is it integrated?

Sorry for the late reply.
It’s just a tiny API that receives webhooks from the discourse instance, and process what it receives.
A server with php is needed, with a public endpoint.

Right now, our “Chacha” (Maid in Spanish) can:

  • Say hello naming you.
  • Return n random numbers within an interval
  • Return the horoscope prediction (reading from external source)
  • Return a playlist for given keyword(s) (From Spotify)
  • Return an image for given keyword(s) (From Pexels)
  • Automatically post to Twitter when a new thread is created

(SORRY FOR THE SPAM) but you can go and check here: (in Spanish)

Everything started because I loved how @.discobot works, but I was really busy to learn the plugin structure.

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