Naming uncategorized category

I want to call ‘uncategorized’ category ‘general’, can I do it? (also the URL/slug)

I have full access to the server.

Just use the category edit dialog and rename it.


After renaming the uncategorized category I can’t see it in the category list, both for admin and regular users.

I can access it directly if I put the URL in the browser, but again, it’s not in the drop down list.

Maybe because it doesn’t have any posts yet, so as an I admin I need to write the first post?

I put a post in the general category by a regular user, I see the post but in the category column there is no category name, it’s empty. When I try to write a topic, I see the ‘General’ category, but again, it’s not in the top drop down nor the name of the category appears in the posts ‘category’ column.

I’m trying to rebuild to see if it helps.

I rebuilt the app but I still can’t see the renamed category in the category drop down list and when I write a post in the editor toe that category (I can only see it when creating topic), the name of the category in the topic list is blank.

Moved the bug discussion to here:

You need to turn off the site setting “suppress uncategorized badge”.


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