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I can’t post in uncategorized, but I can post without any category. It’s definitely going to be a problem. Staff won’t remember.

Here’s what it looks like on my computer:

After posting, it has no category:

That is the way it is. You will need to switch forum software if this is a showstopper for your staff.

There’s no way to write a simple plugin to override it? (or some other way to do it)

Hmm… what is really bizarre, is if your topic title or body is too short, you get multiple error messages, including “You must select a category”, but once the title and body meet the requirements, the category error just disappears too…

Nothing entered:

Topic Title and Body not meeting requirements:

One of the two meeting requirements

Body and Title meeting requirements (category error remains, but I can click Create Topic and it will actually create it)


I am not against changing it so staff can no longer create topics in uncategorized if it is disabled.


I can actually prove this regressed (or intentionally changed). It used to prevent it (you can see it at Sitepoint). I can’t create a topic without a category, as Staff.

So maybe the new composer or work done when saving the draft caused this to regress?

Clicking Create Topic fails and the error message shakes to get your attention to what is wrong.


It sounds like a bug, maybe this was all handled client side in the past instead of being handled correctly server side, post creator should just ban this, problem solves.


Is there any use case where people would want forum threads to not have a category? It seems like that would hide those posts from users, if they are using the category view by default.

Or maybe a setting called “default category” would be useful – then staff could still override it (if there is any use case for that).

If it is indeed a regression we should fix it @joffreyjaffeux

Sure, but we got to do the fix server side imo

Client site it’s a bit more tricky cause you want the selector to sort of include uncategorized when topic is edited, overall I just wish we could junk the site setting

Any chance that this gets implemented?


Any development on this?

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This can be done with a theme component, if urgent post on #marketplace


Great. True. Reasonable.

UX and server side validation have been fixed