Admins can accidentally create uncategorized topics without meaning to

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Admin/mods can post to “uncategorized” with “allow uncategorized topics” disabled

A fellow admin on a site I run was able to do this the other day. When i asked him about it he said he had no idea, and had meant to put it into the Benefits category

Site settings:

Where I fixed it:

I think my fellow admin just forgot to pick anything here:

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This is by design. Staff is immune from this check.

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Bummer. The result is embarrassment as someone in charge made a post which no one saw.

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I also disagree with this behavior for exactly the same reason, in a corporate environment. There should be an “Allow Admins to post to Uncategorized” option for turning it off in these situations.


Uncategorised is and always was a train wreck, it should just be a normal category with no special semantics, don’t like it, rename or remove. Badge suppression can be done with CSS

I will eventually get to this


Personally, I feel that allowing admins to bypass that is right, but the default should be the same as for moderators.

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I don’t care if my fellow administrators choose “uncategorized” from the pop-up menu, I just want to prevent them from accidentally not setting a category.


I agree - if it is not supposed to be used on the forum - why should admins be able to use it?

There is a LOOONG list of things nobody else can do that admins can do. :wink:

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There are two reasons I disable Uncategorized

  • It’s “selected” by default, making it far to easy to use.
  • We have people watching specific categories. When topics are created in the wrong category, users don’t get notified of the new information.

I never intended to say that there’s no purpose to “Uncategorized” I’m trying to protect people (fellow admins in this case) from making unintentional mistakes.


This post is the same, only I’m trying to get the same experience for admins

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