Default close the sidebar tabs?

Is there a way to have the sidebar tabs minimized/rolled up by default?

A lot of our users will be new to discourse and I think this will make it less overwhelming for them

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Not by default, but there is this handy theme component that does the job: :+1: GitHub - VaperinaDEV/closed-sidebar-by-default

Instant edit: Actually, I may have been too quick and missed the crucial ‘tabs’ bit of your question… :slight_smile:

As far as I know, I don’t think that is possible yet.


Gotcha. Yea I already added that component which is nice.

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You can try this tiny component: GitHub - Arkshine/discourse-collapsed-sidebar-sections-by-default

There are a few options. The default behavior is only TL0 users and anonymous are concerned, and the Community section is not collapsed.

I’m not happy with how it works, but I could not find another way, and it does the job. :smile:


Just installed. Seems to be working. Amazing!! Thanks Arkshine!


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