The "community" tab is no longer visible in the sidebar

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Hello! After I activated this component, the community tab disappeared from my sidebar. I can’t figure out what’s wrong :thinking: I tried to remove the component but the problem persisted. I have no doubt that the error occurred because of this component.

Nope, that’s not caused by the component, the removal of the “Community” header is a newer change in core.
Topic discussing why it should be removed prior to it’s removal:


Are any of the community links visible? like Topics, My Posts/drafts, Move…? The Community section header was removed a few months ago, just like it appears here on Meta.

If all the links are missing, try safe mode and see if you have another theme component hiding that whole section.


Then it very surprisingly coincided with the moment when I was testing this component. Perhaps I updated the site then :thinking:


None of this is discernible. :man_shrugging:

I’m used to calling these tabs Community:see_no_evil:, and I’ve updated my site at least three times in the last month, so I think it’s not related to the kernel.

This is probably the only thing I haven’t done yet. I’ll be back with an answer later

I just tried to enter safe mode, disabled all plugins and theme components, but the problem persisted, there is not even a link to the administrator settings in the menu. It’s good that I saved the link to the admin panel in the header of the site :sweat_smile:
Currently only categories, chats, channels and tags are displayed in the sidebar :frowning:

I even tried removing the Community line from the component settings:

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if you want you can post your forum url here or pm it to me and I can have a look.

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The sidebar has been updated since I posted the component. I would need to check to see what’s happening.

That said, if you disable the component and do a full refresh (ctrl + F5), that should be enough to reset the sidebar state.


Thanks for the feedback @Arkshine and @Lilly :raised_hands: I discovered that the Community section (as I call it) was only hidden for my admin account and not for other regular users. I had to log out of my account and log in as another user, then log out of my regular user account and log back into my administrator account, and eventually the Community section was displayed for my account. Apparently the browser remembered my account and did not show this section. Although I cleared the cache earlier :man_shrugging:


Hello! I still use this wonderful component! How did I notice that this component does not minimize tabs in the side menu for mobile devices? Or is there some kind of separate solution for this (theme component)? I’m asking this question because I’ve previously seen a Discourse based forum where the tabs in the sidebar were collapsed by default on a mobile device.

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