Default composer category (trust level) issue


I just notice today while I tested this feature more closely, if a higher trust level category selected in default composer category setting then the composer category selector will empty on lower trust level users.

For example:

  1. I select the Lounge category which is accessible for TL3 users.

  2. With this setting if I open the composer with < TL3 user the category field empty and if the user leave empty the topic creation won’t successful.

However the user have the ability to change the category but I think in this case it would be better to force the (Select a category before typing here) method… or restrict default composer category to use only public category.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi, I was able to reproduce this bug

Priority/Severity: Low

Platform: Desktop, Windows 10, Browser: Google Chrome 107.0.5304.107

Description: If a private category is selected as a default composer category, users that try to create a new topic, but have a lower trust level than the one(s) defined in the category, will have an empty default category and won’t be able to create a new topic unless they select a category that is reachable to them.

Reproducible steps:

  1. Create a private category: Delete “everyone” from Security Groups and select a higher than zero trust level from the “Add a group” option.
  2. Change default composer category to the new private category (Settings > Other)

  1. Log in with a lower trust level user or create a new test user.

  2. Create a new topic with the default category (blank).