Default role for discourse database

I’m working through 502 issues after upgrading to 2.6beta.

Last error after ./launcher rebuild web_only was a complaint about the postgres version.

I decided to log in and see what version of postgres is running under the data container.

When I use psql I get an error about the user name.

[root@sydney discourse]# ./launcher enter data
root@sydney-data:/# psql
psql: error: could not connect to server: FATAL:  role "root" does not exist

What is the default role for discourse?

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Tried logging in under the postgres user … cool :wink:

root@sydney-data:/# sudo su postgres
postgres@sydney-data:/$ psql
psql (12.3 (Debian 12.3-1.pgdg100+1))
Type "help" for help.


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