Does the Discourse install set a default postgres password?

Hi, I’m trying to get into the Discourse PostgreSQL database to learn how it’s laid out so I can do some tweaks to the import script to meet my specific needs.

Only problem is that I can’t get into psql in the docker.

When I run: psql root -h localhost I am asked for a password.

I’ve tried just hitting ENTER (psql documentation states there is no default password) but I’m told it’s incorrect.

What’s the best practice for accessing the raw database? Or is there a wiki here that shows the database structure? That’s really what I need. I have the Data Explorer plugin running, so I could explore from there, but that would be easier to do if I knew how the database is laid out.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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su postgres

Thanks! That worked. I also dug into Data Explorer a little more and realized I could build my queries from that and didn’t even need direct db access. Helpful to know though.