Default text items with links to Guidelines page don't update if Guidelines topic title changed

I changed the topic title for the FAQ/Guidelines page and consequently the page slug changed.

Discourse is set for a default guidelines page slug of /guidelines. Searching under Customize > Text for “guidelines” brings up a 21 references to [community guidelines](%{base_url}/guidelines), and these references don’t change if the page slug changes.

I’d like to suggest a method—admin field or automatic process—for updating those references if the guidelines page slug changes.

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The topic slug doesn’t matter. /faq and /guidelines should always work. You can add an additional path as redirect if you want. E.g. if you want the FAQ to also be available under /foo, go to /admin/customize/permalinks and add a permalink.


Thank you. I thought I had checked the links and found that /guidelines didn’t work if the slug had changed. But what I had actually checked was /t/guidelines.

Thanks for helping me understand.


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