How to rename FAQ page

The FAQ page seems like a guideline or Code of Conduct page. So we want to add some of our guidelines by editing this page. But can we change the title of this page to something other than FAQ? Or add a separate guidelines page and keep the FAQ as simple list of Question and answer?

/guidelines is an alias for /faq, e.g. FAQ - Discourse Meta

Also there’s the following site setting: faq url: “If you have a FAQ hosted elsewhere that you want to use, provide the full URL here.” I’ve not tried it out though.

Thanks for quick answer.

The alias part I understood. I wanted to know how to change the title that is shown on the page. The title say FAQ which clearly it is not. For example see here

I am on the guidelines page but the highlighted entry is FAQ, how to change this?

And does adding a link to post in the faq url: add another entry in this page?

You can go to Admin → customise → text to change the text on that page.

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Thank you that helped me changed the name on the page. Do you know how to change it in the drop down menu as well? By drop down menu I mean the menu you get when you click on your display picture at the top.

Further more if you go in the about page the text still stays as FAQ despite the change.

js.faq changes the FAQ on the hamburger menu


This is probably because you didn’t change it in the language. Be sure to refresh the page.

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I changed it in js.faq as well as other entries and Also in both English US and English UK.

It shows correctly when I view privacy policy page or TOS page but not in about page and the menu

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