Define custom query without plug-in?

I’d like a way to define a query (similar to hitting /latest?max_posts=1) that I can define. Is there any way to accomplish this without using/creating a plug-in?

I’m on a hosted site which doesn’t allow adding custom plug-ins or accessing advanced plugins (such as data explorer), so this solution would all need to be within core functionality.

I’m trying to find all topics that don’t have a reply from trust level_4 users while ignoring certain topics within categories or with tags.

I realize this is likely a big ask to stay within core fuctionality, and will likely require a plug-in to solve, but I figured I’d ask the question.

This would definitely require the Data Explorer plugin.


Hi! Is there any update to this? I would like to be able to query topics by date without the plug-in. Thanks in advance.